High School eSports Leagues

LAN King is proud to facilitate leagues in the local high schools that teach students the principles of teamwork, leadership, strategy, sportsmanship and how to use computer games productively. There is also a GPA requirement to join and stay on the teams. The winning teams of these leagues are awarded with scholarships in the form of ACT test fees, AP test fees, college application fees, or assessed for each students needs. We believe that esports are a powerful tool and can benefit students’ lives in many ways.

“LAN King has provided structure for my son, there’s a coach, there’s a mentorship, there’s a community where these kids are getting together and playing and having fun verses sitting alone isolated and as a parent I can support that and get behind that.” – Dianna Coates

We are currently serving Provo High School, Timpview High School and Mountain View High School. Students who want to play on a team will go through tryouts for the game they choose and teams are assembled by team captains and coaches. The games we offer and feel are the best for highschool esports are Overwatch and League of Legends. We chose these games because they rely heavily on teamwork and strategy and are the most common games that colleges are recruiting and offering scholarships for. 

For more information or to inquire about setting this program up in your school contact:

  Cody Mack (801) 473-5823