Saturdays are for the boys, so are Bachelor Parties at LAN King

Take the stress of planning the bachelor party away by choosing to do what any man in their 20’s wants to do — play video games with the boys uninterrupted. We won’t judge you, your friends, the groom, or anyone trying to drop into Warzone or Apex Legends with a paid skin. Come party at our venue, you wont regret it, here is what’s included:


 …Not that type of private room naughty best man. This room has what men really need: dim lights, smells, and most importantly — high-end gaming rigs. Our rooms can host 12 men ready to game. Each station has a mouse, keyboard, monitor, and ports for Fred to plug in his old Xbox controller… oh Fred.

At any rate, this room will become your HQ for the night. Play anything you want, except for Minecraft… what are we, 12?

If you have specific games you want to play, please let our front desk know at least 24 hours before your party time so we can load those bad boys up on the rigs for you.


Food has brought mankind together ever since pioneers figured out it meant guaranteed attendance to non-mandatory meetings.

We order food fresh for you and your party when you arrive. Imagine the aroma that fills the room after sweating through 4 rounds of finishing 74th in Warzone.

You know your buddy Steve can only go so long without getting hangry.

Food is included in the package price!


We support you and your party. In order to ensure you have a good time you all may be subject to an unwarranted high five.

Died due to fall damage? … high five!

0-17 in Counter-Strike? … high five!

Best man once dated the bride? … high five!

Really though, we won’t do this but needed to add another snippet of content here so the page looked good.

Basically, all we do is provide a gaming venue and help you get food. Have fun!


WEEKEND – 2 Hours – $250 – 10 People

WEEKDAY – 2 Hours – $150 – 10 People


Facebook Message Us – easiest way to confirm details and special requests.

Email Us –

Call Us after 6pm- (385) 325-1945

“We had a great time!”

Weston L.


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