Our mission is to show how gaming has the power to connect people and build relationships.

Cody Mack is the owner of LAN King, Utah’s premier esports and gaming venue. LAN King runs the first esports gaming leagues through high schools in Utah and is a part of the first high school esports academic study in history. Cody’s background is in sales and marketing and he has leveraged this challenging field to fund his entrepreneurial passion. Cody’s biggest strength is in helping others find, harness, and pursue their passion.

Business Name:

LAN King


746 E 820 N, Provo, UT 84606

Phone Number:

(385) 325-1945

A Few Words:

LAN King in Provo is blessed to have a supportive community of friends and family, centered around the thing that makes them come together and laugh: gaming.

LAN King believes video games, whether casually or competitively played, have the power to bring people together and form lasting bonds. Starting back in the early 90s with LAN Parties, gamers would haul their heavy computers to a friend’s house and play old titles such as Doom and Quake. These early experiences formed a culture around casual and competitive gaming. The spirit of the LAN party launched PC gaming into new heights and gaming quickly developed new social possibilities.

Fast forward to the N64 and eventually the first Xbox and gaming turned into a living room experience with friends. Our leadership team mostly grew up in the N64 and first Xbox generations. Games like Smash Bros, Goldeneye, and, eventually, Halo: Combat Evolved defined our generation of gamers. We still have nights in which we gather at LAN King to play Halo like old times.

This spirit of nostalgia, laughter, friendship, and passion fuels our vision for LAN King. We want the new generations to feel the camaraderie, excitement, and memories of a true LAN experience.

We hope you make lasting memories at our venue and are happy to share what we think makes gaming great: friendship.




Mon-Thur (6pm-11pm)
Friday (4pm-2am)
Saturday (10am-2am)
Sunday (closed)

746 E 820 N
Provo, UT 84606
(385) 219-4356

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