Halo Tournaments

Halo Tournaments are here. Come bring your friends for a night of nostalgia and kilimanjaros. Every Halo tourney may feature a different Halo game and game types. 

These tournaments are casual but there are prizes for the top teams each night. 

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Halo Night – 5/26/2021 


Important Halo Night Details

COVID Policy: we follow CDC and Utah Guidelines. We are still requiring patrons to wear a mask. We encourage all to practice good hygiene and social distance when possible.

Bring a Console: We have about 8 PC stations that have MCC installed and ask participants to bring consoles to ensure most players will not use split-screen. The final contestants can play on their own consoles or on our Xbox consoles with projectors. Please have MCC and all of its content installed before arriving at Halo Tourney Night.

Prizes?!?! The winning team will win rights to open LAN King’s Golden Egg of Mystery. I would tell you more about it but it’s a mystery. Win to find out!

Tournament Registration

We are excited to host Halo Tournaments and play Blood Gulch and The Pit with you like old boomers do. To make this night awesome we ask you to fill out the form below so we can update you with communications and start a simple bracket. Registration Closes day of the tournament at 5:00pm.


Mon-Thur (6pm-11pm)
Friday (4pm-2am)
Saturday (10am-2am)
Sunday (closed)

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