Corporate eSports Leagues

Corporate League Information

Take your employees to a higher level


LAN King invites you to join the Corporate Games

Give your employees what they want: the bragging rights of knowing they are #1


Contact 801-369-9911 for more information


LAN King Corporate Gaming League is a gaming event that create an “Olympic”
style competition. Your company will compete against companies of similar size
in a specific number of League events, earning points as you win and participate.
The company with the most points will be crowned with the LAN King Corporate

LAN King Corporate Games has 6, 6 week leagues of competition
3/5-4/9, 5/7-6/11, 7/2-8/6, 8/20-9/24, 10/1-11/5, 11/12-12/17

These competitions can be the highlight to your employees day as they are able
to compete against other players and bring home the gold for their company!

LAN King Corporate Games hopes to kick off this competition season with 15-20
Companies. With an estimated 1000 participants as well as reaching extended
family and friends.

LAN King provides opportunity for everyone in your company to contribute to
the team’s. Involving as many employees as possible is the goal of the Corporate
Join us for the competition and fun!


What do your employees get??
• Branded Jersey “T-Shirt”
• Snacks and Drinks
• Organized Game Play
• Medals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place
• 6 weeks of competitive play
• Team and corporation unity
• A+ event each and every week